About Us

Change the World U shares a compelling discovery of several essential behaviors and values needed to positively heal ourselves and the world. 

It's less about us, and more about what we do. Sure, we probably should share a little about us. Cathy has a master's degree in elementary education and Chris has a law degree and is an attorney. We, both, have spent years together writing and drawing. To really understand us, it helps to explain what we write about.

Underlying our approach to creating positive and constructive change is an insight into how systems work in balance. The insight relates to behavior and it relates to functioning. It's an insight that guides much of the writing. Of course, there are many possible ways to present a breakthrough or insight. One possibility is with scholarly writing. And we have done that. Another is to write for the general public and we've done that. Beyond that, we believe it's important to reach children and so, we've written and illustrated many books for children, books that slowly, gradually introduce them to the insight.

A Discovery of Parts to Wholes

Based on insight and recognition of parts to wholes, we bring science and spirit together to offer a compelling vision for the harmonizing power of several essential behaviors and values.


Just as the body is a design of balance and harmony, humans are designed to live harmoniously with one another.


There is a widely used expression that is popular today by both scientists and spiritualist: "We are one," they agree! Scientists are proving this, and many people of faith have been advocating the principle of oneness for millennia. So, how can we live as One? The answer is, by putting into practice aligned action. Aligned action?


Change the World U shares an enlightening insight into "parts" to wholeness for alignment in our actions. 

Books and other reading materials explain the similarities between several behaviors and several different body parts. Each of several behaviors function like each of several body parts. Thus, there is a compelling reason to believe in the harmonizing power of behaviors. Much as a healthy body is a harmonizing whole, behaviors which act or function like parts make up a harmonizing whole person and relationship.

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Moving  Beyond Behaviors

Gradually we move beyond the nine essential behaviors and four shared needs to include attitude and character traits. Additionally, we explore parts to a whole, healthy society. The goal of the insight asserted in the various reading material is to persuade individuals to recognize the powerful harmonizing role that attitude, behavior, and character plays in their ability to actualize their unique potentials while simultaneously creating more healthy and whole societies.

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Books and other reading materials can change hearts and minds and from that, change actions.