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A System for Harmony:

“The system is broken,” or “the system is fine,” regardless of your view, each reflects the idea that there is a system. And yet, what exactly is the system? And is it actually organized?

This book looks at what it would mean to organize our system. For what purpose? For harmony, of course. What better purpose could there be?

Systems, such as the body, operate for balanced movement and harmony. Perhaps, we can learn something from the way it achieves balance.

By identifying parts of balanced movement, we can create a system for harmony.

Sure, it’s not an easy approach, but then we’re talking about world harmony. Do you really expect it to be easy. If it were, it would have been done already. We cannot create harmony if we don’t try. What better way to model our world than on the model of the body. 

Our predecessors have brought us great inventions and discoveries, and now it is our turn to bring the world a new way of creating balance and prosperity.

A System for Harmony

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