There has been made a discovery of a way to solve all of society's socioeconomic problems. Buckminster Fuller, the visionary architect envisioned something in line with what was ultimately discovered by two individuals.Cathy and Chris are ordinary by their backgrounds. There's nothing that would jump out at you as qualifying them to make a breakthrough discovery. Cathy has a masters in elementary education and teaches, Chris, has a law degree and practices a little law. But both have spent countless hours making and writing about a discovery that has the potential to transform our economy and society - and your life. Oprah is not likely to tell you about their discovery. Nor is the mainstream media. And you likely will not find their books in bookstores or in a class. And the simple reason for that is our society is sorely messed up. There is a major bottleneck in the system, or bottlenecks in the system, when two people who have made a major breakthrough discovery cannot get anyone in positions of power and influence with massive distribution channels, such as stores, to share their message with the masses. Maybe it's because their message threatens the powers-that-be. Well, that shouldn't stop you from learning about how a breakthrough discovery of a scientific law of nature, one compatible with faith, can help transform your life - before THEY transform your life. This discovery, used by you, can transform your life for the better. Kept from you, either by your own inaction or by your dependency on them, unfortunately, they will change your life - and perhaps not for the better. Change your life, before they change you. Change the world before they change it on you. That is your choice to make. That is your right to do.

Change the World

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