Scientific discoveries, throughout history, have perhaps changed the world more than other changes. Certainly, inventions, such as of computers and other technologies have changed the world significantly.Well, you have the power, yourself, to actually change the world in a very significant way by making use of a scientific discovery that has been made. It's a discovery that harmonizing requires an understanding of "parts". That is, if you want to prevent harms in society, if you want to create its opposite, what we can call harmony, you can make use of a discovery that shows that harmonizing, and preventing harms, requires us to "make" parts.So, you can change the world, and even save the world, simply by recognizing and making use of - and even promoting the use of - key, essential, parts. But you say, how can one person change the world, even if there is a scientific discovery that the person can use. Well, that's what you'll find out in this book. It's the story of how one person can make an immense difference. Multi-million dollar differences. Multifaceted, world-saving, life-saving differences. In a very short read, you'll discover that you and your generation are alive at the forefront of perhaps the world's greatest discovery. You and your generation, though, are also alive at a time where this discovery - and harmony, and harmonizing - depends upon you!Learn about the gift and the responsibility that falls on your shoulders when you've been given a great gift, as you journey to see how you can, relatively easily, transform the world - and your life.

Changing the World, Saving the World

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