Like it or not, society today has two competing ideologies at play. One is a belief in the survival of the richest. The other is a belief in helping all to thrive. Are these two belief systems at odds? Can they be harmonized?And make no mistake they are belief systems. A person may not be aware of them, but they are living their day-to-day-lives in systems which are supported by those guiding beliefs. Those in charge make decisions based on one or the other, or a combination of both.Yet, can the two co-exist? Can compassion exist side by side with winner takes all, that mentality or belief. Can love and harmony and a better world be achieved if survival is for the richest? And struggle is for the poorest? Is there a better way?At the very least, those who are looking to change the world for the better should consider this question. They should consider to what extent the world is run by a survival of the richest mentality. In so doing, they might find that nothing will really change until we change our value system.Change our value system, we change our system; change our values, we change the world.

Changing Values, Changing the World

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