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Alignment, balance, harmony, each of these words could describe a goal that many of us might want. And perhaps we have a way to achieve it in our own lives. Yet, clearly, the world is full of misalignments, imbalance and disharmony.

This book describes a fascinating discovery about how we might create more balance and harmony in the world and in individual lives. Though many concepts in it may not seem, at first glance, to provide a revolutionary – or resolutionary – approach to creating better lives and a better world, we submit that if what we’ve discovered is true, it holds the promise of creating a revolution in the way we, as individuals, and the world, achieve the ideals of life, liberty, happiness and equality.

Imagine that harmony could be achieved in our interactions by recognizing that there are parts to a harmonious interaction. We offer, in this book, strong evidence, if not a proof, for such a conclusion.

Much as we can identify misalignments in the body we can identify misalignments – and a path to alignment – in our interactions. Learning about several behaviors and values we discover a whole new way to look at life and the world.

Learn for yourself a powerful new discovery, an insight into the workings of nature, as it pertains to creating harmony, and a way to transform lives and the world.

Creating Harmony

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