Does love work in a certain way?What if it does? What if we can understand love the way we understand a part? If love works a particular way, like a part works, wouldn't we be able to be more loving?Well, love does work very much like a part. But to explain that takes a book, or several books. We've written several books on the topic, including Creating Harmony, Sharing Values and another called A System for Harmony. While those books focus on harmony and concepts such as alignment, this book has a greater focus on one particular part of wholeness, love. Learn how understanding concepts such as wholeness in terms of parts such as being loving to have a whole new way to see the world and your life.It is a new way to understand our world. Never before has anyone made it into the mainstream with a message that there are parts to harmonizing and love is an essential part - one which actually works in a very particular way.We explain that this is a discovery of a scientific law of nature. Yet, as complicated as that may sound, with this short book, you will have a very good sense of the idea - or discovery - that is being asserted.You'll even empower yourself to be more loving and to receive more love.

How Love Works

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