What if there was an underlying organization to balance and harmony? And what if we could apply that organization to our relationships? And what if the organization also related to creating more peace and prosperity in the world? The word organization holds a clue to how we can create harmony. An organization with the root organ suggests that organization relates to the body. Not in a physical sense, but a metaphorical sense. That is, there is an intuitive sense that if we want to create organization, as opposed to disorganization and chaos, we can do it by mimicking the body’s design. What we have found is that some interesting analogies can be made to guide us as to how to align our lives and the world. It might just be that we can identify some shared behaviors and some shared values, and in so doing, we can give ourselves a lexicon and framework for achieving more harmony and balanced growth. Are life, liberty, happiness, and equality shared values? Are behaviors like love, thoughtfulness, and responsiveness like the heart, brain, and nerves in a particular way? If so, does this hold a key to how we might change the world?

Sharing Values

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